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How to obtain the Turkish Citizenship

Embark on a Journey of Opportunity;
Top Three Proven Pathways to Acquiring Turkish Citizenship

Capital Investment of 500.000$

Turkish Citizenship can be obtained by investing in a fixed capital of 500.000 USD and depositing it in the bank for 3 years

Real Estate Investment of 400.000$

Turkish Citizenship can be obtained by investing 400.000 USD in one or more properties combined, and not selling it for 3 years

Create Jobs for 50 Turkish Citizen

Turkish Citizenship can be obtained by establishing a business and create a job for at least 50 Turkish citizen

Why Real Estate Investment Is The Best Choice?

Steps of Turkish Citizenship obtaining by real estate investment

1. Obtaining a Tax ID

Obtaining a tax registeration number or tax id can be done online prior to your entry to Türkiye, or from any tax office.

2. Open a bank account in Türkiye (recommended)

Opening a Turkish bank account is not necessary but recommended for the ability to submit transactions faster and without the need of proof.

Recommended banks: Kuveytturk and Albaraka Türk

3. Choosing a Turkish Citizenship eligible property

The first step to obtain the Turkish Citizenship by investment is to choose one or multiple citizenship eligible properties with a total value of 400.000 USD that will be used for the application, properties must have a ready title deed and an expert valuation report.

4. Buying the property / properties

This is the most critical step in obtaining the Turkish citizenship, and the process must be observed by our experts to avoid any missing documents or non-complying actions.

5. Applying for the Turkish Citizenship

After purchasing the property, our legal team will handle the rest. From applying for residency to ensuring your citizenship is granted, we've got you covered.

Latest Turkish Citizenship Eligible Properties

Search homes for sale in your local area by price, amenities, or other features. We’ll show you the sales history and provide helpful advice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Turkish Citizenship

Attaining Turkish citizenship is made possible by making a real estate investment surpassing $400,000 in Turkey, combined with a pledge to retain the property for a minimum of three years.

To secure Turkish citizenship, the acquisition of property in Turkey from a Turkish national or a legal Turkish entity (like a real estate company) is necessary.
The property should carry a legitimate ownership deed, even if it’s currently under construction.
The property’s value must be more than $400,000.
Payment for the property must be facilitated through a bank transfer, either from a bank within Turkey or overseas.
The purchaser needs to commit to retaining the property for a minimum of three years.

The Turkish government has established a specialized citizenship bureau dedicated to handling investor applications and expediting the review process. From the point of submission of a complete document portfolio, the process leading up to a citizenship decision generally spans around 45 days.

Indeed, it is entirely feasible to hold multiple citizenships in Turkey. The Turkish government has imposed no conditions necessitating the renouncement of your existing nationality when procuring Turkish citizenship.

Yes, the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship includes the immediate family—spouses and children under 18 years of age. However, for children over 18 and the parents of the applicant, they are not granted citizenship but have the option to apply for permanent residency in Turkey.

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Absolutely, with Diversity, you can delegate all procedures to our dedicated legal team who will manage everything on your behalf, ensuring a hassle-free and trustworthy process.

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